The Day of The Storm.


January 20 , 2017

The Day of The Storm .
The Day of the inauguration in the US.
The day I visited Running The Goat , Books & Broadsides in Tors Cove

If I was any good at writing stories, I wouldn't have to lug around this heavy camera & gear .
Instead, I tell my story of what I see , my perception of the truth, and sometimes my perception is not the truth at all .  But whatever my images are , they are just my story.

Now , about Running The Goat.  I searched online , the article I most loved was here ..

The paper , that watercolor paper, the kind you just want to sit with and touch for a long while .
The little words, the press, the light that made things sparkle. This space is a creative spirits dream . You won't want to leave , promise.