About Sam - About Fearless- About us

I was designing or rather wanting to design - something inspirational .
Simply because our entire brand since day 1 , 5 years ago - its been about sharing, growing, becoming something more. Contributing to the world in major ways. And when I think of our brand , I think about Sam .

I met her 4 years ago, she was just coming into " her own" she was hungry and willing to to offer her services for free so many times. Upbeat, positive, available at the drop of a hat . Nothing but amazing things to bring to the table . Every. Single. Time . 



Sam had started a business with Kerri Martin , " The Studio Beauty Bar " it was just the 2 of them , but because of their passion would grow into something much more ...



It would grow into a business that serves so many people , & employs over 14 people .
Imagine the power of that. The power of 2 passionate girls. Its incredible.


we love what these girls represent . Passion, dedication & the commitment to always move forward in business. 

Sam Picco - we honor you for being fearless in business & giving in life . xxx
Thank you for representing us in our brand .