Our StayCation - A hike to Freshwater Bay

I've often dreamed of the idea of "permanent vacation"
Little did I know , it was right infront of me . So the other day I had A " bright idea"
As bright as they get for me in the mornings ;)
( I'm trying to become a morning person , honestly )

Whenever I am on vacation I wake up early in the morning with anticipation of what the day will bring . I thought, what if I actually live my life everyday as if I'm " excited about what the day will bring" simple right ? When I actually gave it some thought ....

Right here in Newfoundland, the paths I haven't walked down , the towns I haven't visited & the people I never met . I feel some serious doggy adventures coming up this summer .

This was our little Adventure today . The path to freshwater bay was 2.5km down , a rocky trail but the dogs were so happy to follow along off lead. At 6AM I wasn't so much worried about running into anyone . The views and sweet summerish air did not disappoint.  Our paws got muddy, our noses ran a little . We returned home rejuvenated - yup, like vacation .