It All Started with An Iced Capp

yep , an Iced Capp, because that's where all great things start.
with a solid dose of sugar & coffee. We " meant" to out for a "few" plants .
As in just a "few" . Before we knew it , we had a cart full of plants and seeds ....
And that was only the first stop. Nate decided we needed a tent , yes a tent.
So we bought a tent, and sleeping bags and an air mattress and a cooler ,
we are basically self sufficient here in Paradise now ;P
With the most awesome of " shoppers high" we return , racing against the sunlight hours because you know ...we HAVE to put up the tent because we HAVE to sleep in in it right away. And we HAVE to plant the PLANTS , and we MUST light a fire.

And we slept in that tent last night , and all was well .
And we woke with the sounds of so many birds this morning .
And we laughed because , christ we are a little "off"

we ate breakfast in the greenhouse ;) its our new "spot"
while we listened to the pouring rain .

Life on Purpose.