This "love" Its not your "Average" situation

No Joke . We have been together pushing 5 years. And I think we broke the record .
Award goes to the couple that broke up at least 180 times in 5 years . That'sMe & Nate .

And they weren't just pretty quiet break ups.
They were ... get out of the house I hate you its over forever break ups.

So 5 years later , here'swhat we know ...

Nate & I ....
We have similar "backgrounds"
We were both an only child for 14 years . That means we struggle with a few things like ...
* I'm always right
* I'm the Boss
* I don't want to share
* There isnobody in the world but me
* My way or the Highway
* I'm good alone , whatever .

Ahh the pure bliss of being fully isolated independent and self sufficient.

But here's the glue ...
Space .
We give each other lots of it . ( matter of fact we live together in the same house . He lives in the downstairs & I live in the upstairs. We both have our own everything)

Freedom to Be.
There's times, often even , I book flights & I plan workshops all kinds of things . I don't "ask" Nate .
I tell him later , I always follow my heart . I never " consider" his "feelings" because I know he is living his own life. Sure , its important to me that he is happy . However, I know his happiness is not a reflection of what I am doing in my life.

Self Respect & Trust .
We are good in our world & we treat each other with open and honest respect.
We deal with things openly & quickly taking things truly at face value.We don't go to bed Mad.
( even but not mad )

I'm funny , he's funny . And even when we are not really that funny , we think each other is funny.

We are food snobs.

We love to travel. I once read a article that stated ... Don't get married , buy 2 tickets around the world and when you return , get married in the airport when you are done. " if you still like each other "

Hey Nate , I still like you .

We don't know what we are at , and we do that very well.
I hate you, I love you.

Here's a typical day with us ...