The Photography Basics Workshop


We ditched the technical terms and completely cleared up the confusion in 'all those scary little buttons'

We've designed something so easy, spoken in real language for real people.

In just a few days we will take you from frustrated to fantastic !

  • No More blurry pictures

  • No More dark faces

  • No More hit or miss photos

  • No More guessing !

Gain complete control of your camera NOW

Are you ready to GET IT!?


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What people are saying...


> " Seriously, this course has changed my photography and my way of creative thinking. You'll get your $350 dollars worth before lunch on the first day, no joke. And well, you get to spend time with Nate and Nicole Bond Winters (and Bobby) which is cool enough as it is.
The streaking light of the'll learn how to do that. The cool blurry background in portraits of your'll learn how to do that. Make Christmas lights twinkle like problem, they teach you that too! You will be able to create pictures and memories that you'll actually want to invest in and put on canvas.

By's, if you have a 'fancy' camera and you want to learn how to actually use it, sign up for this today." - Rachael Warren


> " Worth it and more... It's a must, this course should come with your camera !!!"      - Candi Smith


> "To any friends who have thought about taking a photography course or have a DSLR camera and just don't "get it"... This course is for you!!!
Nate and Nicole make sure you get it and continue to support you and help you in your photography journey long after this course! I promise, they will amaze and inspire you!" - Nichole Turner


> "Thanks so much Nate and Nicole for an
unforgettable three days of learning and fun. You taught in such a relaxed manner which made it was so easy to grasp all the information in a short period of time. So glad I did this with you! You two are awesome!" - Denise Sullivan


> "I found the “Basics” course to be very useful, informative, and enjoyable. I started taking photos back when we had manual cameras and film (what’s that?!). When I started using digital cameras, I lapsed into the easy mode of using the auto Scenes options on the camera. I wasn’t unhappy with the results, but knew I had lost the control of my photos that I had in the manual days. I wasn’t 100% sure going in that Nate & Nicole’s course would be what I needed to recapture that magic. I was pleasantly surprised when we started the class by switching to Manual and taking control of the camera immediately.
So if you think you won’t benefit from this course, you’re probably wrong. It’s well worth the cost in dollars and time. Do it! And you’ll get to experience Nicole’s unique style in person. How good is that!" - Mike Harrington


> "Wow! Nate & Nicole what an amazing new found appreciation you both have taught us in the simplicity of learning how to use our cameras. The sheer enjoyment in class and your personable approach to life and photography is so inspiring!!!!! We will see you again there is no doubt about it, but first practice!!!" - Marie and Lori Pittman


> "Thanks Nate & Nicole. It sure was three days of learning and fun. The information was in a format that was easy to follow and understand. You two are awesome!" - Lorraine Hawkins


> "Thank You guys for giving me the confidence and knowledge to continue on and capture the moment with each picture I take . I will never forget the three days that I spend with you , It was so much fun !!!!! Both you and Nate are awesome and are the only ones that got me in front of a camera instead of always behind it !!!!!" - Yvonne Dunne


> "If you own a DSLR camera then you need to do this course! Like now. I'm serious message Nicole NOW! I cannot say enough about how much this course did for me. While I always loved photography, it wasn't until I finally got my DSLR that I felt like I could get those creative, perfectly composed pictures I wanted to take. Only problem was... I didn't even have a sweet clue how to make my camera do what I wanted it to! You can look at all the you tube videos and read all the blogs you like about how to use your camera, but nothing beats the hands on approach that this course offers you. Nate and Nicole together offer the perfect balance in how to approach photography and are an awesome teaching team. Not to mention the collective experience they have smile emoticon. Nate and Nicole have inspired me to be more passionate about photography and gave me the confidence to take better pictures. Believe me you need this course. Just do it!" - Melissa Lamarre


> "Just completed the Basics workshop with Nate and Nicole. If you have a DSLR, are struggling with use, want to take better pictures.....sign up now!! The combined team of Nate and Nicole is second to none. This class is awesome; very relaxed environment. Their combined expertise, knowledge and love of photography makes all the info easy to understand and fun to learn. They tell you that by the time you finish the course you will "get it" and you will!! And to top it all off, they still offer up their support after the class is over!! Sign won't regret it!" - Dionne Moores


> "I highly recommend this workshop - three days of solid learning and immediate feedback. What's more, is their promise to stay with you - it's not just a one off. They promise to be there afterwards for any help and advice you may need. Easy and relaxed learning environment with very experienced and talented photographers. Go for it - you won't regret it." - Aubrey Dawe


> "If any of my friends out there own a DSLR camera and you are shooting in AUTO you NEED to sign yourself up for this!! Trust me, it is the best! Nate and Nicole made it so easy and best of all FUN to learn! Its one of the best decisions I've ever made and my kids will thank me for it when they grow up and have AWESOME pics to look back on!!" - Jessica Kane