Hard winter. Snow dump, melt, dump, wet, dry.. repeat. Sometimes I wish we could just sleep through it. Then the sun shows up after weeks of missing it. Cold or not.. it's a good day to be outside.

Time Marches On

I planned to post here regularly... so much for the plan. Photographing is the thing though... the thing that makes me feel, gives me energy, satisfies the need. The actual process of creating images with that wonderful black box. Even looking at them on a monitor is often an after thought. Maybe it's because I can quickly see how they 'turned out' right there on the camera LCD... not like the old days when a chemical process had to take place just to know if you even created a visible image, let alone if you sort of liked it.

Divided We Stand

The 'Continental Divide', it's the 'line' where the water drains into different oceans. How interesting that Nicole and I ascended to a point on The Divide in Colorado, one day before the USA ended up in the biggest political divide it has seen in the last 50 years. Regarding the outcome of that... it's shocking

Only time will tell what direction the political waters will flow. Regardless of what happens, I dearly hope we never loose places like this... replete with peace and tranquility. No amount of advancement, money or power would be worth its loss.

13 Minutes on a Sunday morning

7:51-8:04 AM, with great light. Light is the key. When you have sumptuously beautiful, interesting, directional, QUALITY light.. you can create some cool frames, quickly. Give yourself joy in photography... choose to shoot in good light.


Us... now.

This is us, now.. in our life. It took us over 40 years to get here (like Israel wandering in the desert) and here is pretty good.. not perfect, but who wants perfect (that's boring). We can be who & how we choose to be.

This is her... My love, Nicole. She is happy with this photo, she is happy with herself... which is good because she is beautiful. Photo taken with one of my big old film cameras, which is just fun.

Newfoundland Summer (Finally)

After my initial inspiration to start this journal, it's taken a back seat..  that's life sometimes.

It's been so nice lately to get our time in the sun here in Newfoundland.. some years it never quite gets here, but it has warmed us for at least a short season thus far this year. Good thing too, Brennen HATES wind & cold.. I try to take advantage of pleasant days outdoors with him. He seems to like it.

Sometimes I have to make up silly things for him to supposedly be doing just for a photo... he doesn't seem to mind (and sometimes even finds it's a little funny).

Urban Monoliths

Wandering through urban canyons of concrete. Hard light or soft it's all lines & shape. Every step forward transforms the relationships in the frame.