The Great & Secret Show

As a child I loved watching Jacques Cousteau and often imagined myself aboard the Zodiac in search of fantastic sea creatures.

It's an amazing experience just being there, riding on a crest of water with the wind in your face and lungs full of salt sea air... but this particular evening I felt transported to a time before whales were ever bothered by men, with spouts as far as the eye could see.

The sound of an 80,000 lb. animal exhaling in a burst sends shivers through me... such powerful yet gentle and graceful beasts.

And then, the Show!... a show that has been staged for millennia without an audience, just for the pure joy of performing.  To catch the show is beyond exhilaration for us the spectators.

We stayed until the sun dipped below the horizon. And as the lights went down, the whales gave us a final tail wave goodnight. Bravo!! I often wonder what happens after dark, might there be an even more secret show ?

The Humpbacks will be heading down south soon and I am already anticipating their arrival again next year. I was so happy to enjoy these moments with 6 of our photography students... all of whom amaze us with their images. Thanks to Captain Danny for being the best whale finding captain there could ever be.