Mother Landing

Motherhood smacked me in the face .

I was 25 years old when he arrived without an instruction book , 20 months later his sister made her grand debut .

" They" had so much advice about how to raise them up good, what to do and when .
I've always hated schedules , the idea of routine makes me itch.
So I just did what I had been doing my entire life , and followed my heart , ignoring the rest .

Mother of the year ? I never won it .
Instead i opted to let them see me as a human, not a super hero .
Mistakes, I made plenty. I never got caught up in them , just kept moving forward .
That was my most important gift to them .

Live , grow , change & love - be free to create always , Love Mom.
We are just us , and that's good enough xo

My Kids + 1 at the Landing in the rain in 24 hours.