The Beginning at Murphy's Landing

I have been preparing myself for 2 months mentally for Murphy's Landing . The idea of getting rid of my earthly possessions which included my teenage children , it gave me mixed emotions .
The idea of being completely alone to create for 8 months was exciting. However there was so much fear & so much to let go of . What if my kids don't miss me ? What if they like living with their Dad better than me ? Where will I go after 8 months ? What about the snow storms, how will I manage ? And the always lurking in the back of my mind , MICE live in the woods. Honestly, mice freak me out to no end. managed to quiet the fears in my mind, got rid of it all ! Yes, even the clothing , that's a big deal for a girl . I currently own , only what I absolutely have too and its so empowering . All of that junk that I thought i needed - gone . And with that new empty space in my life , comes the freedom to create. Free to be me .

October 1 came & I walked into Murphys Landing with an open heart. One door then another , a few more steps and there it was , that view , that energy , that quiet , that sweet freedom , that peace you feel at the very center of your heart when you just know that everything is going to be OK and you made the right choice.  I spent the evening walking quietly, being still , smiling a lot .

Murphy's Landing is wrapped in Magic & I'm so grateful to be in the middle of it .

XX Woman In the Wild