S'no Problem.

I drove to town yesterday, to pick her up . The sky was heavy, I just knew the forecast was right . Which meant - SNOW DAY. It would be my first at The Landing, I thought it would be the perfect time to "make" Christmas. We are a non traditional crowd, with one tradition . Every year we must create something from nothing . Something that has not been created before by us.

I noticed a truck parked down the road for the past few days , weird for here. Usually there's never a soul to be seen . Came to realize yesterday there's been some land clearing going on near here . Perfect I thought, there's got to be a tree or a branch or something . Last night , in the dark Hannah & I made our way , we found a few sawed off old alders, nothing fancy and bone bare.
We dragged them home . Honestly, I dragged them home , Hannah took videos and laughed at me . Some duck tape a bag of salt and an old metal container - we had ourselves the beginning of a Christmas tree. 

We spent around 10 hours today , sitting folding paper flowers, cutting bird shapes from one of our old books. We discovered if we used the chalk from here , and colored the birds on the wood coffee table , we were able to achieve amazing textures. 

All the while the wind blew snow around outside, new ice formations were being created on the pond,  We were inside our own personal snow globe . Christmas came to Murphy Landing today .
Its more magical than ever.

x Woman in the Wild