First day with my Shirt off 2017 - Blackhead to Peggy's Leg

Yes, it was that hot , I had to take off my shirt.
6:00 PM just a few KM away from Cape Spear.
Insanity. And, guess what else ? NO FLIES.
seriously we aren't even into summer yet & I'm having the BEST SUMMER EVER.
About the trail - Dogs off leash , no problem. However, my dogs listen to me when I scream really loud . And I mean really LOUD. Beware there are a couple lookouts that are easy for a anyone to fall over - including a dog cat bird beast ( ok maybe not a bird, assuming they would fly) 6KM of Heaven at Home .
The views are AMAZING, the air is the perfect combination of salt & sweet.
Yes, you'll sweat , tons of steep inclines & challenging terrain.
But don't matter because you can take off your shirt, the trees dont mind .
Neither did Nate ;)