Tent Tales #2 When the Inn's were full

From Port Rexton to Corner Brook

Originally we planned to drive the full 5 hours . But you know , 3 dogs, its getting dark & the idea of setting up camp in the dark became less and less appealing .

Camping is nothing new to me . I grew up camping for 2 months every summer with my grandparents. We would go from park to park to park. I can recall certain names of places on the west coast, but not the details, its been 25 years since I was there !!  We stopped in to a couple , but found them to be wide open RV spots. Honestly, its not my idea of a good camping time , so we pushed forward. On A whim, we headed towards Kings Point. I think I called every spot in that area. AND Nothing. So what do you do when you have nothing ? Its the easiest choice of all , you make something .

We started going down old cow paths that looked less traveled towards Kings Point.
Some were boggy others muddy ...  but then we found this one .

And the Flies? Totally worth it .

And we got all honks from passers by ! Yes !! Even the transport trucks !!
No flies on us !