Almost gave Mother A Heart Attack ( Again)

Polar Opposites - that's the best term I can come up with to describe myself & Mother

My mom does not drink or smoke or swear. My mom is an early riser , she's efficient, clean ..OMG she's so clean & organized. My mom is polite always smiling, thoughtful . And seriously , I could go on .

I on the other hand am the opposite of all of the above . Every now and then I get what I call a "streak of Mom" in me on a good day . But I have been known to drink smoke and swear on occasion. I am a night owl & I love to sleep late. My bedroom still looks like I'm 14 years old .
Clean ? Why ? My kids are 15 & 17 , and honestly some days in the morning I still wake up and go " OMG I cant believe I have kids and I have to get them to school "  Yes, after 17 years , I'm still sad about the morning thing . Now don't get me wrong I love them fiercely, with my entire being . But never could get accustomed to the " morning". 

This is not the first time I have almost given her a heart attack , I have been doing that all of my life. Mother has never known what to expect from me , and still after 44 years I keep surprising her ;)

Like recently when I decided to get matching tattoo with my son .

So here's the thing , My son and I had what I call a " fighting summer" in 2017 .
we weren't fighting with each other , we were fighting with the world to make some important goals become a reality. And guess what ? we won . We seriously teamed up together and won when all odds were against us . It was transforming for both of us on so many levels.
To me , it seemed only " right " that we get something awesome to mark the occasion . Something so that we would always remember this time , something that stood for who we are in the world . You know , like  matching tattoos or something ;)

Yes , tattoos freak my Mom out . That's where the heart attack comes in . Mom won't say " anything" she just gets that look of disgust on her face & her voice changes, she refuses to talk about it and changes the subject ;P ( this always makes me talk about it more ) .....

We choose " Glorious "
-marked by great beauty or splendor- possessing or deserving glory - victorious

We choose the "laurel wreath "
- a circle of leaves that in the past was worn on the head of a person who was the winner of a competition- Laurel was said to communicate the spirit of prophecy and poetry-It’s associated with purification and was seen as a plant with powers of immortality - It also indicates a power over the passions and is thought to protect from the influence of evil spirits and to give protection from lightening

See Mom , not so bad.
Curtis , I love you . Mom, I love you xxoo
Dear future wife of my son , sorry not sorry .
( The Raven is another "story"for another time )


See, thats my Beautiful Mom :)

See, thats my Beautiful Mom :)