The legal Illegals

Nate & I - We don't smoke weed.

There is no particular reason for that, no bad story , no heavy opinions, its just something that we just never really got into I guess.

Me? I'm more of the drinking type.

After a couple days here in the mountains, and after seeing a few signs., curiosity got the better of us . So in we go , passports in hand .

My first thought was - woah the smell. 

we were greeted by a very " happy" lady , who took our passports and recorded our information. We explained to her that we weren't " users" so we wanted to know all about their product, how it was made, what they offer , and ofcourse the so called side effects of each one . 

Its a tight operation up here , big beautiful pristine building with windows to watch the plants grow ( I guess you could even sing them a little lullaby if you wanted ) Open windows to the kitchen where they make their edibles ( yes, you can eat weed, see, I never knew that before )

The staff super friendly & knowledgeable ( quite patient & chill I might add ;) ) 

Here it is ..