Dart Night in Tors Cove

Her - " Oh you got a camera"
Me- "yes, I do . No worries, I'll only take good photos"
Her- " Oh my dear I'm not worried"

Just like that , she "had" me.

Her name is Ruth , she's 80 years old. I met her tonight at Darts. Yes, I said darts.
It happens every Wednesday night in Tors Cove at " The Hall "

I saw her right away , it often happens to me that way . I suddenly become intrigued , interested if you will , about someone I meet. Honestly, I can try not to photograph them , but I always gravitate back to keeping them in my frame.

Its more than just " darts" its a community gathering . Its the friendships, laughs, connection,
its familiar & refreshing . Its real life. I would not trade it for the world.

Part of my reason for being here is to rediscover that part of me . Honestly , I thought it didn't exist anymore. I was wrong , this feels just like home ...only better.
I love " these people" I am " these people"

This Wild , this Murphy's Landing , its real .
xx- Woman in the Dart League