I'm Not Exactly A "Gardener"

The beautiful lady that owns my house , well she was being extra kind & had the entire greenhouse repaired for my use . I've never grown anything in a greenhouse #donthaveaclue
But, I'm going to this year . The flies on the wall are laughing because it sounds like this ....

( me to my 15 year old daughter )

Me - Hannah come on lets do something awesome
Her - What ? I'm doing my makeup
Me- lets clean the greenhouse
Her- No, thats not awesome

I did actually manage to get her out with me because i told her if she didn't I'd take her phone .
But ... It was 110 degrees in the greenhouse , she said the heat was making her sick . I gave her my camera and told her she could be the creative director. Some photos we taken but mostly they were mirror selfies & photos of her feet.

yup, project greenhouse. braking mother and daughter relationships since the beginning of time .
On the upside I got a truckload of wood . That's me having all the fires in Paradise this summer #highfive