Tent Tales #1 Bobby Bit Her

Seriously. I was hiking the skerwink trail and all I heard from behind me was OUCH !
I glanced back & there she was , the sweet tourist lady in her perfect white hat, pristine white tennis shoes & slacks, yes slacks. My defense is Bobby has never seen the perfect pleated edge of the bottom of slacks, so perhaps he thought it was ... a toy? a steak? I don't know , but he grabbed her slacks. I'm absolutely positive that previous to the slack grabbing she bent down like they all do " Oh what a pretty little dog"  All the while Bobby is thinking .... GIANT HAND COMING FOR MY FACE !  ( sigh )

And those slack ladies , they want to talk . Like they are super friendly , over friendly !!
I blame the tourism commercials . Seriously , I am not the long red haired perfect child frolicking through the fields & my dog is actually scared of kids & not overly fond of strangers. The WORST thing you do is actually tell those "ladies" that you live here in Newfoundland . OMG!! Their faces light up with wonder " You are an actual Newfoundlander!"

Yes, I'm an actual Newfoundlander yes I actually livehere . I eat cod tongues about twice a year , I do drink rum, not always screech & my family aren't fishermen .

By's I just wanted to hike with my dogs . If you are out and about be warned ..
this island is crawling with slacked ladies these days .

Here's a few snaps from St.John's to Skerwink .